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Facilty Management Consultancy 

Our Facility Management Consulting services are aligned with our clients’ business requirement. We contribute significantly to our clients’ ability to maintain and seamlessly run their place of business -especially in the hospitality sector where decency must be maintained at all times.

Accordingly, such quality requirement implies that standard cannot at any time be compromised. Thus, existing and new staff are expected to be trained from time to time towards aligning clean environment to business goals.

We at Round Edge Consulting are determined to support our clients in order for them to have the right insights on the importance of doing things right.


Cleaning Consulting Services
-Professional Cleaning Techniques
-Integrated Pest Management via a holistic approach
-Cleaning Operations
-Janitorial Training
-Supervision and Monitoring
-Health & Safety Training
-Risk Assessment
-Supplies (Consumables, Materials, Equipments)
-Machinery and Chemicals Usage

Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Our cleaning approach is comprehensive. Our techniques are innovative deliberately designed to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

We benchmark our services against Global Best Practices to maintain specified quality expectations from our clients.

On day to day basis, our highly trained professional cleaners provide dependable and timely services to our clients at an effective and flexible cost structure to accommodate our clients’ specific needs.


Cleaning & Janitorial Services

1. General Cleaning
2. Post Construction Cleaning
3. High pressure Cleaning of Outside areas
4. Cleaning Glass Walls and Curtains
5. Restroom cleaning
6. Spring cleaning
7. Stream cleaning Operations
8. Hot water injection extraction
9. Foam generator for carpet & sofa shampooing
10. Vacuum cleaning
11. Floor tiles and Ceramic restoration
12. Marble , Granite and Terrazzo Restoration
We use environmental friendly cleaning materials in line with our health & safety policy to protect our valuable resource (staff), our clients and the environment. 

Pest Control

We take pride in providing the highest standards of pest control and fumigation services nationwide. We are a well-established company, with a professional and pro-active approach to pest management which has helped establish our reputation as one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

Our safety policy ensures that our extermination solvents and materials are not harmful to our clients, our staff and environment. We are insured and fully trained in the safe application and use of pesticides based on Global Best Practices; contributing to our ever growing clientel list.